Reconfiguration of Smart Phones’ Wireless Internet Setting: How to?

It is annoying when you get that red X over the wireless network icon in your status bar, telling you that your smartphone have no wireless connection but you know there is wi-fi connection available. What if this mishap will happen during a meeting with your boss or in the middle of urgency to send an important file to your office? You should always have your back-up strategy to avoid this trouble.

Here are the steps to check if you want to reconfigure your smartphone’s wireless internet connection:

1. When you are in a hurry, you may accidentally hit some keys that could disable some settings in our phone. Look for a specific function key on your phone, you should enable it again or to be surer you should also check whether wireless is enabled in the phone’s main settings;

  • From the home screen of your device, tap the ‘Settings’ key,
  •  Slowly scroll and find  ‘Wireless and network’, tap to select,
  • From there, select ‘Wi-Fi settings’.
  • See if the Wi-Fi Check box is activated. Tap the Wi-Fi check box to activate Wi-Fi.
  • After Wi-Fi is enabled, your phone will automatically search for new and available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Once you find a Wi-Fi network, tap on it to connect to it.  It depends on the network settings; you may or may not have to type in the wireless password.
  • If the network requires a password, simply type it in and then tap ‘Connect.’

2. In your office, try to reset the positioning of your wireless router (try to move it to more central location in your office or house). You can also avoid metals, windows, walls, large furniture, metal objects and other stumbling blocks. Lastly, avoid microwaves; they can lessen by 64% wireless signal strength.

3. Make sure the cable from the ADSL or cable modem is connected to the LAN port in the Wi-Fi unit. If there are light indicators for LAN and Wi-Fi connections, they should be lit or blinking.

4. You can also try to shut down your wireless router or your smartphone. Turning off your wireless router or your smartphone can reset your signal that enabling you to connect.

5. During bad weather or some electrical failures, your wireless router can reset to its default state. If this happens, try to connect using the default settings that can be found on your manual.

6. Normally, smartphones can automatically detect new available networks then let you choose one to connect to. But sometimes, some networks are set up to be hidden, they hide their network name. You can solve this by asking the network owner the SSID (service station identifier) then you can manually add the new wireless network.

7. In some instances, Windows can provide additional help.

  • Go to your connection icon in the status bar and you can choose if you want to repair or diagnose your wireless router.


A guest post by Jashon Wills. You can find more of his articles if you click here.

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