Google Chrome for Windows gets improved and more secred Flash Player

Using Flash on browsers has long been vulnerable to security and stability issues, but it should be less of an issue now for Chrome users on Windows. Some of the most important things keeping you safe in Chrome are Safe Browsing, auto-updates, and sandboxing. Chrome and Adobe teams have now sandboxed the Flash Player plug-in to protect users against common malware.

According to Google Chrome Blog, with last week’s Chrome Stable update, Chrome took a major step forward in security by bringing an even deeper level of sandbox protection to Adobe Flash Player on Windows. Flash on Windows is sandboxed in a way that it is as strong as Chrome’s native sandbox, thanks to a new plug-in architecture, making it more robust and secure than anything else available. And for the first time ever, Windows XP users have a sandboxed Flash, making them much safer online.

Chrome OS has had this deeper Flash sandboxing from the beginning, Linux has had it since Chrome’s last stable release, and Mac support is on the way.

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