Top 5 best smartphones useful for business

In today’s business world every business person needs to carry out constant communication for new business proposals, placing meetings with their clients, spearhead new events, products and so on. The burden of all these tasks can be easily handled with the help of smartphones in today’s environment.

Here are the details of top 5 best smartphones that may be useful for your business.

IPhone 5: Apple’s new iPhone 5 brings the reality or completion of everything that a smartphone should comprise of. There is no matter or issue to compromise on some features that a business is essential. There are many iPhone 5 features that can benefit your business such as secure private networking system, IMAP e-mail service, access to App store where there are numerous internal apps and many other software applications that are useful for your business. Some features of this smart device:

  • Multi microphone system
  • 4G LTE support
  • SIRI, voice recognition etc.

Samsung Galaxy S III: The new Samsung Galaxy S3 developed based on the Android platform is giving tough competition on the market. This smartphone is very useful to access eBooks, and database regularly. There are plenty of business apps available on Google Play and can be used comfortably on this device. Some features of this smart device are:

  • NFC capabilities
  • Voice recognition
  • 8MP camera with LED and 1.9 front facing camera

HTC One X: The new HTC One X is one of the best Android devices and provides the best way to manage your apps than any other smartphone device does. Any records related to your business can be recorded very easily and at the same time you can even capture photos from the recorded video. Some features of this smart device:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Increased storage
  • 8MP camera

IPhone 4S: Since iPhone 5 has released you can get this 4S device at much discounted price. Even though Apples’ 4S is not the latest device it can still be great of use for your business. There are many other features as you can find in iPhone 5 some of them include advanced multi-tasking, video recording, calling, secure e-mail networking and so on. Some features of this smart device:

  • Face time
  • Built in retina display and HD video support
  • 5MP Autofocus camera

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a smartphone developed using Android version 4.0, this smartphone is also very useful for business as it ensures all the security features that is must for business. Some features of this smart device:

  • Face unlocks feature
  • Preinstalled widgets
  • 5MP camera with LED flash support

To enjoy every feature of the smartphone you must get the best mobile phone device, in case you run short of money to buy take help of bad debt loan as your financing option and own best gadget that is useful for your business.


About the Author:

My name is Michelle. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance :). Catch me @financeport

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