Guest Posting

Dear Reader,

Thanks for your patronage.
This Page is exclusively for YOU. Yes, you can post your blogs here at my website. Its one of the best ways to represent your writing skills and talent to other people. It can help you to get exposure for your blog or fan pages.

But why should you write in my website??? Here are a few reasons:

  • The most important reason — You need not have the hassle of maintaining a website or spend a penny for a top level domain.
  • You will get exposure for your work.
  • Your post will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other Social sites and help you to reach more audience.
  • If you have plans to build your own website/blog, these guest posts will help you get more followers.
  • You are allowed to post links in your posts, means you can also get backlinks from your post.

Terms and Conditions for guest posting:

  • You must write an article or atleast modify it in your own words, not just copy and paste. It doesnt matter if the post has been posted anywhere else before.
  • The post must be related to the topics handled here – which is Technology. Posts related to Media or Sports are also accepted.
  • Always mention the original source if the news is taken from external websites.
  • If you are using images, then you should give an Image credit to the concerned website
  • Only one link is allowed in each post. If you need to add more links, please mention the need for it.
  • The link should only be a source website or blog.
  • Links to spam sites, marketing sites, product selling sites or any kind of affiliates are not allowed.
  • Admins and the Editors reseve the right to edit, reject or publish the article.
  • Avoid any objectionable pots – like the ones related to personal abuse, race, religion, politics, pornography etc. Those posts will be rejected instantly.

If you are interested, send your consent to or post a reply here. In your reply. please mention the desired user id you want to use. The user id as mentioned by you will be created and the password (which you can change later) will be sent to your email, after which u can start posting your blogs.

Thanks and Regards


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  1. Dafne says:

    nice article.

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